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Welcome to the Tiger and Hare tribe

Join us on our adventures through a world of quirky jewellery and fun textile designs printed on fashion accessories and homewares for you, and baby wear for the little one in your life.

We celebrate the very special bonds of friendship, and recognise the child within each one of us through our products, bringing a ray of sunshine into your home. Tiger & Hare is representative of two ancient yet meaningful Chinese symbols. The tiger is an embodiment of dignity and courage, but mostly, of commitment. The spirit of the hare speaks of serendipity, insight and intuition. Frisky and full of energy, it leads you down a mysterious path that beckons with its curiosity and unique wisdom. From childhood friends to growing up together, and from the playful, childish affection that evolves into warm, lasting friendships, it is this intuitive journey that inspires the brand to create constantly, new and more meaningful ways to adorn you and your living spaces.

Tiger & Hare began its journey dabbling with hand printing. We printed our quirky illustrations and textures onto nearly every surface we could find, and a seed of an idea grew from there. Starting with notebooks with screen printed fabric covers, these days you can browse through an eclectic selection of Melbourne-made apparel and baby wear, homeware and home art, all of which have our unique identity. Our signature product is ever evolving, and you will have many choices in our offerings to take home. If you’re looking for bespoke designs, then we’d love to indulge your desire. Place an order with us and we’ll give you something that’s uniquely yours.

We put a lot of love into crafting our products, with the hope that they will add a touch of colour to your lives. We hope you enjoy exploring Tiger & Hare just as much as we’ve enjoyed designing our creations for you.