If you’d like a little splash of colour and something pretty to decorate your dessert table for a party, then try mini pinwheels. They’re really simple to make, and can brighten a space like nothing else.

First, the supplies. Here’s a list of everything you will need to get your pinwheel project underway:

  •    Paper – coloured, patterned or origami paper, the choice is yours
  •    Scissors
  •    Glue or double-sided tape
  •    Ruler
  •    Toothpicks or wood BBQ skewers (Especially handy if you’re doing this after a steak meal)

And now, the how.

Step 1

Cut 3 squares of paper to the dimensions 10cm x 10cm. (Cut them larger for bigger pinwheels that you can use as party decorations or for cakes)

Pinwheel DIY Tiger and Hare

Step 2

Use your ruler to mark a few guiding lines for folding the strips in accordion style – the way you made a paper fan in prep school. The marks will guide you in folding the paper back and forth. It probably won’t line up perfectly, but no worries.

Now fold each strip in half, lengthwise.


Step 3

Cut the non-folded end at an angle for sharp pointy ends in your pinwheel, or in a curve to get scallops. Cut out hearts or triangles or circles in the middle for a merry pattern.

Pinwheel DIY Tiger and Hare

Step 4

Attach the 3 pieces of your accordion folded paper using double-sided tape or glue and watch your pinwheel emerge. To get the pinwheel to hold neatly in the centre, either glue it well, or staple a few folds on the back.

Step 5

Stick a toothpick through the middle of the pinwheel when you glue the last sides together.

And voila!

pinwheel cupcakes diy tiger and hare
You have some very attractive pinwheels to stick into cupcakes and add some fun to your dessert table! So go on, give it a try. After all, what’s life without some pesky paper in your food!