Like cake? Then you probably love cupcakes! Pretty and petite, here’s when can have your cake and eat it too.

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The cupcake’s been spreading joy in little bite size since the 18th century, but its earliest documentation was in ‘Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats’ in Eliza Leslie’s Receipts Cookbook in 1828, America. Then, ‘cupcakes’ referred either to the size of the product or a cake whose ingredients were measured using a standard-sized cup.

They became a household rage when home cooks decided to use leftover cake batter to make mini cakes. In 1996, Magnolia Bakery in New York’s West Village opened its doors to this dainty treat and went on to becoming America’s most iconic cupcake shops. The cupcake boom saw the opening of cupcake-only bakeries, marking its elevation in status, with “cupcake” becoming one of the most Googled words in 2011. Cupcake ATMs followed, believe it or not! Now, they’re a quintessential element of dessert culture.

Fine Flavours

Vanilla is the most common, yet most exotic flavour, while chocolate remains the world’s favourite, with its dark promise of goodness and rich chocolate ganache icing. Red velvet is a trendsetter in cupcakes, adored for its brilliant shade of red and unique taste. Paired with the soft cream cheese frosting, every bite feels like heaven!

If nutrition is a consideration, then you might want to try coconut cupcakes. Or carrot cake cupcakes, with their distinct hint of cinnamon. Claim them as your vegetable serving for the day! Peanut butter cupcakes and salted caramel cupcakes fit that occasional sweet craving perfectly!

Party Staples

What’s a birthday party without some sweet love? Whether you have little cupcake stations where the little partygoers can decorate and top their own cupcakes or bake them from scratch, you’ll have the little ones excited, and more important, happily occupied!

Top Cupcake Stops in Melbourne

You’re spoilt for choice at Cupcake Central in Melbourne Central with delicious red velvet cupcakes and cherry pistachio cupcakes. Grace Café, Merry Cupcakes, Prahran Market and Grigons & Orr Corner  Store dish up vegan cake delights.

Equate Degraves Street with scrumptious Belgian chocolate cupcakes and the Cupcake Family at QV with mini cupcakes in delightful flavours like green tea and double chocolate. Madame Brussels and Windsor Deli will ensure a veritable sugar high with their amazing cupcakes.

Yes, cupcakes are amazing, but if you’re hesitant to dig in because you think they’re loaded with calories, here’s a tip. Once you lick the frosting off, it becomes a muffin. And muffins are healthy.

(You’re welcome.)

Bon appétit!