If you thought brooches were accessories worn only in an earlier era, or by someone over 60, then think again. They’re still very much in trend, and can add a smart accent to your outfit.

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History has seen the brooch emerge from the Bronze Age, and fashions in brooches have evolved rather quickly through the ages. From serving as a functional clasp to bearing great ornamental significance, the humble brooch has had quite the journey till now. Early brooches were large and intricate, fashioned from metal and demanding attention as the focal point of an ensemble. They secured heavy wool or leather cloaks, and also represented one’s important material possessions, guaranteeing a burial with their owner. The early Middle Ages saw brooches being used as jewellery. In the early twentieth century, brooches were used as costume jewellery, while towards the late twentieth century brooches also denoted ethnic identity and heritage.

Today, you wear a brooch because you like to. Simple as pie! They don’t just add a dash of colour and character to your outfit, they also serve as great conversation starters. Pin one – even two – to your bag, if you must, to liven it up a bit!

At Tiger & Hare, we bring you fun and quirky designs to pamper and please the child in you. Accessories in neutral colours, they go perfectly with every outfit. The brooches are laser cut, and crafted from bamboo or acrylic, to complement your style.

The inspiration for these playful patterns comes from travels, nature, art, photography and animals. So, don’t be surprised to find birds, owls, peacocks, flowers and cats featuring on your brooch. Immensely cute and abounding with charm, they can brighten a day by just their presence.

The Grumpy Melbourne Owl is quite the favourite across the Tiger & Hare label. He’s best friends with Dapper owl, and well prepared for Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, with his brolly and checkered beret to keep him snug. He’s not particularly pleased with the weather and feels cold and grumpy, but he’s endearing and lovable, and you’ll love to wear his irresistible personality on your brooch.

All our brooches are handcrafted with love, to bring a little playfulness and fun into your lives. Using the finest quality materials and inks, you can be sure that you’ve got on the very best.

So come on and indulge the child in you, and treat yourself to a touch of whimsy through our quirky brooches.