It’s spring, and it’s time for new beginnings…and flowers and fresh air and chirping birds. It’s also time for spring cleaning. (Did you just groan?)

If you’re anything like me, you’d rather be outdoors, welcoming the season. But fret not. Where there’s a will, there’s a way – out!

spring cleaning accessories Tiger and Hare

I’m a self-confessed hoarder, and I find it incredibly tough to keep my studio in order. When it’s time to tidy up, my piles of ‘stuff’ invariably get shifted around the room or added to different piles. So my Zen clutter-free friend came to the rescue with what she claims is a relatively fast and simple 5-step decluttering list. So let’s kick-off and tick-off with our 5 rules for spring cleaning:

  1. Choose the Right Order

First, discard. Then decide what you want to keep – and retain only those things that give you joy. What about the things you don’t use, you ask? The answer to that would be ‘no’. So…give away, sell, throw…do what it takes. …Oh we must be ruthless!

  1. Clean in Categories

Instead of moving tediously from room to room, wade through categories of your belongings, like books, clothes, kitchen items and the like. Begin with the routine regulars, like clothes and books, so that by the time you get to the ones you’re sentimental about, discarding stuff would have become much easier. …Might start with my desk perhaps?

  1. Bid Goodbye to Your Just-in-Cases

That weird potato peeler you thought you needed yet never used? Oh, you might use it someday, you say? Haha, I don’t think so. Chuck it. Now. The same goes for those torn jeans that you think may be back in style or that bag you might do without in the future. …Yikes this is definitely me! {stares at piles of just-in-case cardboard boxes}

  1. Throw the One-Too-Many

Just how many bottle openers could you possibly need? And why hoard 30 take-out plastic containers? Unless you’re planning a garage sale in the next two days where all the extras will be up for grabs, I believe you should gently but firmly part ways with these extras.  … Think I can handle this one

  1. Don’t Organise

Organising is just a pretty word for hoarding.  You’re only hiding stuff in boxes for next year’s spring cleaning. So be brave, let it go. Shed a few tears if you must, but know that there’s a ‘good’ in ‘goodbye’.

It doesn’t require an epiphany, really, to realise that you don’t use half the stuff lying around your place.

(This is tough love!)

I’ll bet you didn’t even remember most of it until you brought it all out of hiding! So follow these five simple – maybe slightly difficult steps to declutter your home, and if you ever feel the overpowering need to hoard, think of it this way – you’re only making more work for next year! Be free! 🙂